Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shoebox tasks

My Shoebox tasks are on the way!!

We placed the order at school this week - after much head scratching about processing a payment on our end but its all gone through and they should arrive through Easter!! Very exciting!

Cannot wait to go and have a play with them!

You can take a look at the website and see for yourself -

This is an awesome company with a great ethos - it basically provides supported employment for Autistic students coming out of TEACCH programmes in America and provides them with paid work...couldn't have ordered from a better company really!

We are also getting something similar made by some lovely students I know, that's a really exciting venture as well - Pictures to follow!

Special days, ICT and Incident reporting resources

Here are the last few resources that I have uploaded recently via the TES all about Special days, ICT and incident reporting. They are all free to download

Mothers Day PowerPoint:

R.E. Easter Story: (PowerPoint)

ICT How to guide - Microsoft Surface Collage (Touch Pack):

ABC Tracking forms (Incident reporting/behaviour management): (PDF)


Maths and Geography Resources

Here are some maths and Geography (animals) resources I have uploaded via the TES that are free to download.

Maths - more and less terms chatter mat: (PDF)

Gruffalo more and less workbook: (PDF)

Going to the Zoo - Social story: (PDF)

Animal Guessing game (Animal prints) - (PowerPoint)


Science: Plants and Flowers Resources

I haven't posted for a while so I have quite a few resources to link for you from the TES that I have been adding over the last month.

The first lot is a load of Science resources from our plants and flowers topic we have been covering this half term...check them out. All free to download via the TES website.

My Bean diary:  (Microsoft Publisher)

Naming parts of a plant with symbols: (PDF)

Sequencing growing a bean: (PDF)

Plants and Flowers - key words chatter mat: (PDF)


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Just bring the chocolate

What a fantastic blog!

I came across this when a friend tweeted it to me and was truly inspired by it! The most recent post just gives you an insight into the dedication by this mother to not only her sons well being but to his enjoyment despite disability! I am very jealous of this awesome standing frame!!!
If I ever have a down day at work or feel a bit off then I know where to look to for inspiration!