Thursday, 29 November 2012

ASDAN Course

So today I have been on an ASDAN course...and you know how venue's for courses can sometimes be lovely and then there's the ones that can be a bit shoddy...well this is where I had my course...

York National Railway Museum
It was an amazing venue and the catering was fantastic...although I should probably concentrate on the course content...

The course was really informative, it was the preparatory program course and information about future courses can be found here:
The course covered 5 different pre entry programs -
  • New Horizons (KS3 P.S.H.E. based program)
  • Transition Challenge (KS4 program)
  • Towards Independence (KS5 program)
  • Workright (accreditation for work experience)
  • Literacy and Numeracy in Everyday Life (for P1-8)
It gave the opportunity to gain a better understanding about the content of the preparatory programs as well as the accreditation process and a chance to see the support materials.

The trainer was great and she gave everyone the opportunity to ask questions and she went into a lot of detail and raised a range of issues and FAQ's usually asked by a range of practitioners.

If you are interested in the ASDAN courses follow the link and consider the courses, they are incredibly informative. You could also follow ASDAN on twitter - @ASDANeducation

ALSO...I have added some resources/a 2 year plan for teaching New Horizons to TES which also may be a useful starting point - I will keep adding more as we progress through the modules. 

2 year plan -
Personal Units 1-3 resources -


And the big sigh of relief goes to...

So I haven't posted anything in a very long time...GTP is intense! I haven't had a lot of spare time but now my first observation is over I can breathe a big sigh of relief!

It went very very well!

I had a practice at the start of the week and managed to set the fire alarm off evacuating 2 school (about 2000 students) which wasn't a promising start! But after a few adjustments I managed to hit the nail on the head.

My tutor observed 2 lessons - Phonics with a group of 4 students, which was deemed outstanding and a science lesson where we looked at changing materials (which was also deemed outstanding!)

So for everyone out there doing a GTP...don't panic, it's hard work but it's all worth it after that first observation. If you put the work in then you will reap the rewards.