Thursday, 20 September 2012

Readers Toolkit

So I haven't posted for ages because I am somewhere buried under half a rainforest worth of paper from my GTP course!! So here I am finally working down my to do list just a little!

In the holidays I tried to really get ahead of myself and prep loads of different resources ready for the new year because my class has extended it's range yet again to go from students working at about P5-NC level I really had to get my English up to scratch!

So I devised my very own 'Readers Toolkit'...This is quite literally what it says on the tin...I went out to B n Q and bought a tool box and filled it with everything I may ever need to teach Read Write Inc.

And I may is brilliant! it really is working a treat and the kids really love it - I have everything I need all in one place no matter where I am in school and it's all there when someone else has to step in and take my lesson!

So as you can see the internal and external pockets are great for storing different sets of word cards and speed sounds in stets and the case is great to host a full range of reading and writing books, speed sound cards, large flash cards, sounds we know and words we can read wallets and training manuals!

I also put together a little prompt card to prompt myself and the kids about the order we cover everything in in a RWI lesson! Everything you could possibly need!

I have also made some additional workbooks for books such as the non fiction book and worksheets for the ditty books to build in some writing activities - I will try to put these on TES but if you would like a copy then comment and I can point you in the right direction!

All the tools you need for a successful RWI lesson!