Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - phonics games activities

Phonics Fun!

Linked from TES - Mr Thorne is the resident phonics expert and he has placed some great videos here which demonstrate some phonics games to play with your group to jazz up your phonics lessons. They are a great example of how to make phonics fun!

You can also follow him on twitter here: @MrThorne

There are loads of great games and the short videos demo the games with a Y1 group so there is no confusion!


Monday, 21 January 2013

Literacy: A few handy story PowerPoints

So I have added a few handy story PowerPoints to my TES page - feel free to go over and take a look - I have also sent the links via my twitter page :)

Funnybones by Janet and Alan Ahlberg:
We covered this as part of our 'All about me' theme and the kids loved it!
Get the PowerPoint here:

The Champion Hare:
This we covered as part of our 'Olympics' theme but it is great for any sport related theme
Get the PowerPoint here:

The Gruffalo:
My absolute favourite! Great for an 'Animals' theme - can you spot the animals that are real and the ones that are made up?
Get the PowerPoint here:

A squash and a squeeze:
I remember reading this as a child myself - we are doing this currently for a 'Homes and Buildings' theme - great repetition for young children.
Get the PowerPoint here:

and there are also some vocab cards which I made here:

Oscar and the Moth (Science PowerPoint about light and dark):
Excellent for a story based Science topic!
Get the PowerPoint here:

The Race - Chinese New Year Story:
An excellent story for January when the Chinese new year comes around!
Get the PowerPoint here:

The Lion King:
Great for an Africa topic or if you want to cover something a little familiar!
Get the PowerPoint here:

Feel free to download the PowerPoints via the link - it's free and easy to do - I know how long these take to make so if it saves you the time I'd love you to use them!


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