Monday, 13 February 2012

Tacpac: Rumble in the Jungle

For anyone who works with PMLD students this is great!

If you work in PMLD you will probably be familiar with Tacpac - but if you are not then you can always visit for more info. Or in the link there is a document which has a summary of tacpac. But in a nutshell tacpac is communication through touch and music and you can buy the official tacpac on the website. 

Last year for a theme of Africa we studied Rumble in the Jungle for our Literacy topic and as part of this we made our own tacpac to be used along side the audio CD. You can either use it with the first part of the audio CD which has the words read by Hugh Laurie or the second part of the CD which has just the music. Each of the movements is linked in some way to the animal and in the document there is the description. 

This tacpac is a handy pac so no additional resources needed. Just press play and your are away!

You can download the Word document here. 

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