Monday, 23 July 2012

End of year Art

So you know how that last week is always really choppy and you never really get chance to sit down as a class and do anything productive...well we managed to find a little bit of time hear there and everywhere in the week to make 4 pictures which tell the story of our year as a class. We took 2 national/global events and 2 class events that I thought would be the most memorable and created art pieces around them...
1. 'The Olympics'
2. 'The Jubilee'
3. 'Our trip to the seaside'
4. 'Our trip to the butterfly house'
They look really great and were really easy to make:

1. Make a frame or buy one (I made a simple frame from 4 pieces of wood)
2. Grab a square of fabric, best to use white.
3. use a selection of different soft papers such as tissue paper and crepe paper and LOADS of watered down PVA glue and keep gluing and layering the colours up until the whole piece of fabric is covered.
4. Add pictures/objects/text on top when it has dried!

For our Olympics picture:
We used white for the background and then went crazy with the silver glitter to create a really lovely textured effect. 
We added 5 rings...
...and a gold torch
 For our Jubilee picture:
We used red, blue and white for the background to represent the flag but in the end it created a great 'confetti' effect

We also added a crown and '2012' to create a 3D effect...nice and simple
For our 'seaside' picture:
we were careful to split the fabric in half to create a beach and a sea

we collected loads of interesting shells on our trip and I carefully glue gunned them onto the canvas

Then we added fish and a crab to finish it off!
For the butterfly house picture:
We wanted the picture to stand out so we aimed to use 3D effects

we stuck our butterflies on so they stood out to make the picture have a 3D effect.

We used the skills that the art teacher had taught us to create effects on acetate

we added some other insects using the same 3D effects!
Have a go yourself at home or with your class, the effects were really easy and it looks great!


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