Monday, 21 January 2013

Literacy: A few handy story PowerPoints

So I have added a few handy story PowerPoints to my TES page - feel free to go over and take a look - I have also sent the links via my twitter page :)

Funnybones by Janet and Alan Ahlberg:
We covered this as part of our 'All about me' theme and the kids loved it!
Get the PowerPoint here:

The Champion Hare:
This we covered as part of our 'Olympics' theme but it is great for any sport related theme
Get the PowerPoint here:

The Gruffalo:
My absolute favourite! Great for an 'Animals' theme - can you spot the animals that are real and the ones that are made up?
Get the PowerPoint here:

A squash and a squeeze:
I remember reading this as a child myself - we are doing this currently for a 'Homes and Buildings' theme - great repetition for young children.
Get the PowerPoint here:

and there are also some vocab cards which I made here:

Oscar and the Moth (Science PowerPoint about light and dark):
Excellent for a story based Science topic!
Get the PowerPoint here:

The Race - Chinese New Year Story:
An excellent story for January when the Chinese new year comes around!
Get the PowerPoint here:

The Lion King:
Great for an Africa topic or if you want to cover something a little familiar!
Get the PowerPoint here:

Feel free to download the PowerPoints via the link - it's free and easy to do - I know how long these take to make so if it saves you the time I'd love you to use them!


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