Monday, 8 April 2013

Story Plays for EFYS/KS1 and SEN

So I stumbled along these really great story plays in a tiny (and awesome) children's book shop in Sheffield. I am going to buy some and give them a whirl, they are a really great way of introducing plays to young children or children with SEN.

You can see that it is split into 4 parts so would be great for small group work and each part is colour coordinated so it is easy to follow!

Were going on a bear hunt
Colour coordinated pages with original book images

The Gingerbread man

Jack and the beanstalk

Farmer Duck

There are 8 in total - here are just 4 of the story plays and they are all based on popular books/traditional tails - excellent for shared reading!

You can find these on or in your local independent bookstore (I didn't manage to find them in Waterstones or WHS)!


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