Sunday, 30 June 2013


And as I take my first breath out for a whole year my tutor signs my final appraisal form and says "Congratulations, you have passed your teacher training, you are now a qualified teacher". Well I have to say it was all worth it, the long days, the tears, the hair loss, the grey hairs!

I feel like I should do something significant with my file seeing as I put so much work into it...maybe paper my walls with it? Turn it into Christmas decorations or papier mache a statue from it! But I am sure that it will just end up stuck on a shelf in my store cupboard or in the loft!

This may be a bit of an egotistical blog post but in the end I passed with all 1's (outstanding) so needless to say I had a bit of a hangover the next day after celebrating! A word of advice to anyone considering doing the Schools Direct (New GTP) or PGCE...DO IT! But be realistic and know that it is going to take over your life for the entire will lose sleep and hair and gain wrinkles but you will not regret it!

I have been doing this for some years in an unqualified state and that did make it easier...the more experience you can get pre GTP/PGCE the better and easier it will be!

So I may try and post on here more often now...

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  1. Well done Ben! The next year will feel like a breeze after all that.