Friday, 8 June 2012

Food and Drunk!

Our theme for the last half term has been food and drink and it has been really great! But it hasn't half done me in!! There have been more than a few evenings I have resorted to a bottle of beer!

It was that half term where you are constantly chasing your tail and you never feel like you have caught up with the constantly increasing pile of work on your desk! But it is all good fun...theres been new IEP's,   reports, B2 updating from start to finish as well as a mound of planning, reviewing targets, school celebrations and all the rest!

Aside from this we have managed to produce some really wonderful work! I will try and add some pictures over the next few days or at the start of next week. Our English text was 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' which is a classic so we managed to visit the local butterfly farm...winner! And our wider world and PSHE focus was healthy eating where we made a giant eat well plate display which was good fun and we visited a local farm where we were able to track where food comes from - we saw the animals in the field, the production unit and then made out own meatballs! A really relaxed but informative day!

I will add some recent display pictures next week and hopefully may have made a start on some 'Olympics' work to post as well!


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