Friday, 15 June 2012

Jessie's Fund and Music Therapy

What an awesome start to the half term...we have a creative golden day coming up (for which the theme is 'the circus') and for this my class have had the opportunity to take part in some music therapy which has been run by Jessie's fund which is a UK based Charity primarily concerned with providing music therapy for children who are seriously ill or have disabilities.

At this point I just want to say...THEY ARE AMAZING! We've had 2 guys come in and they have worked with my class for 3 days this week and the kids have loved it, we have 2 more sessions coming up. Most of my students don't get access to a taught music lesson which is a shame but this has unearthed some real talent!

We have been making our own music by exploring sounds and looking at speed and noises which are loud and quiet and we have also been practicing a song, which all students can play along to when we perform it for an audience. The song related to the theme of the circus and has some great lyrics to it which go something like 'jump acrobat jump, here he goes flying through the air'.

Have a look at the web site -

I hear they have a lot of experience working with students who have autism as well as students with challenging behaviors and physical disabilities. Really worth getting in touch with if your are interested in music therapy work. I would highly recommend the two guys working with us (sorry but their names have slipped my mind!)

Happy reading :)

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