Friday, 15 June 2012

Olympics Theme Work

It's an Olympic half term!!! I know a lot of people have been working on Olympic activities for some time now but we are just taking the one half term so I thought I would just share with you my plans and resources...

We have planned to split the half term into 5 separate weeks focusing on one country from each continent that is prominent within games each week.
Week 1: Greece (obviously)
Week 2: USA (they normally win loads of medals!)
Week 3: Africa (I am aware it's not a country but it leaves us the option to focus on either Egypt or South Africa or elsewhere, whatever is most appropriate)
Week 4: Russia (we have grouped Russia with Asia...again I know it isn't but we really wanted a cold country for comparison and we spent a whole half term looking at China in January so Asia has been done to death really in my class!)
Week 5: Australia (because we plan to have a massive beach barbeque for lunch one day out on the playground...get in!)

I will keep you informed of what I have planned each week :) but to keep you going here is a selection of resources I have found useful!

The TES have some really great 'Olympics' resources for SEN and they can be found here:

But also I have found a few bits that have been really useful with my guys:
Olympics information booklet:
Olympic flags:
Olympics key facts:
2012 Olympic games timeline:

I have also managed to add a couple of resource that may be useful for anyone planning to cover...
Olympic addition and subtraction in their maths:

Greek food tasting:

Hope this is a starting point for all your olympic activities...

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