Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sensory Sacks

The Hirstwood training site has some great sensory sacks which you can buy from them or alternatively put them together yourself if you can find the right resources. 

I recently bought the 'write in light' sack (which I will post some pictures of) and it is great for writing activities. Some students with physical difficulties can find it difficult to use, you have to have quite good fine motor control but for those students we have used it to create finger tracking courses to work on finger isolation and precision fine motor activities
They are great as you can write with the UV torches and they simply fade away!

There are some other great sensory sacks as well which I have not yet purchased...the sound to light sack is great for cause and effect (some of the sound to light equipment can also be bought from the glow shop - linked  to the right) and the underwater sack is great to use in the pool!
 The sound to light sack is great if you 'amp it up' but putting a reflective survival blanket into a really large clear plastic box like a really useful box, pop the sound to light equipment in and pop the lid on, makes great visual effects and requires only a light tap to operate.

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