Thursday, 22 December 2011

Shoebox tasks

Fantastic! Shoebox tasks are on the way!

Here are some absolutely awesome tasks that I saw on a TEACCH course recently. They are called shoebox tasks (here is the website ) and I have just managed to get some funding to buy the whole lot! Awesome! I will keep you updated on how they are when they come.

These are great for special needs and younger mainstream students. They are progressive in skill and work from very simple put in tasks up to pre academic Numeracy and Literacy tasks. They are fantastic for fine motor development (which my kids do a lot of as a pre requisite for writing!)

Even better they are designed for students who are Autistic, designs are plain and simple and accompany TEACCH structures as they work from either left to right or top to bottom! An added bonus is that they are put together and shipped by Autistic individuals in a supported employment program in the US...The draw back is that they are form the US and have to be imported...oh well that's a minor drawback for a fantastic product!
This is a picture of the basic curriculum!

Cant wait for mine to come!!


  1. Great work, Mr P! Maybe I should do a PMLD version! :)

  2. Ah thanks Mrs M! Just thought I would try and share some knowledge! :) Merry Christmas!