Thursday, 12 January 2012

English PowerPoints for Chinese New Year, Nature and Africa Themes

I have uploaded some PowerPoints to the TES website which you can go and download to use for your English projects.

Firstly...The Chinese New Year story, I made this PowerPoint using communicate in print, it has a shortened version of the story at the bottom of each page with a self made picture to illustrate the text above which was also made using communicate in print. You can find it here...

Secondly... Last year I made a Lion King PowerPoint for a literacy project about Africa using images from a book. It has come colour coordinated slides, green for when the text indicates something good is happening and red for the bad things. You can find it here...

Lastly...we also made a PowerPoint for the story 'After the storm' by Nick Butterworth, which was for the theme of nature. This uses scanned pictures from the book so it isn't quite as inventive as the other but is always there for you to use! You can find it here...


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