Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Noah's Ark and Weather Autumn displays

Here are some of the displays we did in our first half term of 2011-12. Our theme was weather so what better story to study than 'Noah's Ark'. We made a lovely display which linked to maths:

We made clouds with loads of different tactile materials including, fabric, netting, cotton wool, wool and felt. Our collage waves also acted as a number line which can be used for rote counting and as a reference for maths counting activities.

For lower level students the letter raindrops also acted as a number line, however this time just up to 8, the raindrops rotate which means students can use them to 'fill in the missing number'.

Also as part of our weather theme our art teacher made a great weather map of Yorkshire. The map is a collage and all of the weather symbols were made by students and then laminated, they were then stuck on the map, however they are interchangeable as they were stuck on using velcro. In the last lesson students were able to create different effects using pencil crayons to make a header. 

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