Sunday, 29 January 2012

Geography: sensory map

The sensory map is great for any cultural units. Out theme this half term was china, therefore in geography each week we have taken a different symbol of china and investigated it. This week we looked at Chinese food which linked to our food technology units.

We had 10 dried foods: green tea, cherry tea, seaweed, star anise, ba Wang flowers, noodles, rice, wolf berry, black fungi and (the stinkiest) dried anchovies.

We started in circle time by smelling and feeling the products then moved onto some group work. Each group had 5 foods to stick on the map, while 1 group was sticking the other group was filling in thumbs up and thumbs down questionnaire to assess if they liked or disliked the smell and feel of all 10 foods! Great activity because the non smelly foods had great textures and the other foods either smelt awesome or absolutely disgusting!

Just be warned your room will stink of fish if you use dried fish but it's so worth it!

Check out the pictures...

Oh...if your doing this for a display like myself make sure you PVA over the top...otherwise your inquisitive students may end up with a mouthful!
The completed map along with Widgit symbols

Clockwise from the right: Wolfberry, Seaweed, Green Tea, Ba Wang Flowers and Star Anise

Dried Anchovies (they stink!)

Seaweed and Noodles

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