Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Special People and Winter displays

In the second half term of this year it was all about Christmas...well actually no it wasn't we only had 2 weeks of Christmas. Firstly we were talking about Special People as a theme.

Art was great, students were able to make some fantastic photo frames but I don't have any pictures of theme...sorry.

BUT...we did look at King and Queens, we did a great reenactment of the war of the roses in the playground, but firstly to highlight the two houses we made two emblems, one white for the house of York, one red for the house of Lancaster. We also made some 'tags' which you can see down the side of the display, these were for our reenactment: each team had to grab the tag of the other team, if someone grabbed your tag then you were out, the last colour to be left in the game wins. Lancaster or York?? try it out and see!

We also made some swords with foil and sandpaper as part of a history/science project about materials.

So like I wasn't all Christmas but we did enjoy a bit of winter fun with this display...We made a frost display about our whiteboard with loads of different tactile materials and some lights. We have tinsel (very Christmassy, some cheap battery lights from ikea, some snowflake decorations and loads of different tactile materials to frame it down the side! Take a look

It looks even better with the room lights off and the fairy lights on...this isn't the best flash was on!

And here you can see the types of tactile materials we used down the side to frame it all...

we had an abundance of lace and furry white fabric but the best by far was the bubble wrap...everyone loves to pop bubble wrap whatever your age! And for any students you may have in wheelchairs what a fantastic sound it makes when you run over it!

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